Being a Father Pack

New 2020 Fathers coming into Pregnancy Resource Centers need simple and practical advice on how to be the dad that their children need. This module with the DVD collection is aimed at your client base. Each lesson uses examples and advice designed for fathers who aren’t necessarily married to the mother. It addresses the real and pressing needs that a father experiences and creates a challenge to put in more effort, time, and love. The DVDs were created just for the dads in the EWYL program. The videos have the information that will make a difference and the content that will keep their attention. Replacing Practical Fatherhood - 5 More Lessons coming 2021

Each lesson is written in simple language and starts with an illustrative true story. Each lesson is uncomplicated, full of encouragement and designed to challenge the client. The topics covered range from discipline to role-modeling to spending time with the family. The content includes the reasons why it is important to do what is right along with inspiration for moving beyond those difficult moments. Examples of how to apply these principles in their life can be found throughout the lessons. This series is perfect for fathers who are expecting or who already have children below the age of 18. Use this pack to teach, challenge and grow good dads into great fathers.
Pack Includes:
Being A Father: The Two Questions
Being A Father: Real Time
Being A Father: Role Models
Being A Father: Being a Leader
Being A Father: Being Consistent

Resources Included


Module PF1 - Notebook


Lesson 7677PF1.1 - Being a Father: The Two Questions New 2020!  


DVD - Being a Father - The Two Questions   New 2020!  Preview   

24 mins.


Lesson 7677PF1.2 - Being a Father: Real Time New 2020!  


DVD - Being a Father - Real Time   New 2020!  Preview   

25 mins.


Lesson 7677PF1.3 - Being a Father: Being a Role Model New 2020!  


DVD - Being a Father - Role Models   New 2020!  Preview   

22 mins.


Lesson 7677PF1.4 - Being a Father: Being a Leader New 2020!  


DVD - Being a Father - Being a Leader   New 2020!  Preview   

23 mins.


Lesson 7677PF1.5 - Being a Father: Being Consistent New 2020!  


DVD - Being a Father - Being Consistent   New 2020!  Preview   

18 mins.