2019 SC Upgrade, Sexual Health

Sexual conversations have changed drastically in the last decade. Our culture, steeped in pornography and childhood sexualization, has embraced overt sexual experimentation and expression. At the same time, these shifts have created a wide rejection of marriage and monogamy. The damage from these changes is inflicted on young people who choose to do the very thing that hurts them so deeply.

Another cultural change that matters to educators everywhere is the role of videos in our daily lives. YouTube has become a dominating phenomenon as younger generations consume over 17 hours of video a week. This has caused rapid change in video production and, unfortunately, led to a huge number of obsolete and unrelatable abstinence videos.

Sexual Health Solutions

This new Sexual Health series meets both of these challenges with integrity and creativity. Each video builds a foundation for sexual health through exploring its right role as a part of a marriage relationship. The powerful up-to-date documented statistics and viewer-centric approach is combined with a presentation method that reaches the YouTube generation. This allows the users to understand and apply true principles without being distracted by old video styles. And each video has been physician approved and audience tested with full-feedback incorporation for lessons that will make an impact.

Resources Included


Changes to Module S4


Lesson 7677S4.1 - Sex and You New 2019!  


DVD - Sex and You   New 2019!  Preview   

26 mins.


Lesson 7677S4.2 - The Heart of the Matter New 2019!  


DVD - The Heart of the Matter   New 2019!  Preview   

22 mins.


Lesson 7677S4.3 - STD/STI Avoidance New 2019!  


DVD - STD/STI Avoidance   New 2019!  Preview   

19 mins.


Literature -  (50 Pack)  New 2019!  Preview   


Lesson 7677S4.4 - Choosing Marriage New 2019!  


DVD - Choosing Marriage   New 2019!  Preview   

20 mins.


Lesson 7677S4.5 - Making the Commitment New 2019!  


DVD - Making the Commitment   New 2019!  Preview   

18 mins.


Module S4 Notebook, Lessons and DVDs