The Personalized Lesson Plan (PLP) is a way to personalize the experience of each client so that they are taught what is most pertinent and important to them. PPT is organized in such a way that most lessons do not require previous lessons as building blocks. This gives the freedom to move around in the curriculum as needed.

How It Works

The Personalized Lesson Plan lists every lesson and codes them into areas that may be of interest to your client. For example, a lesson might be coded PN/FT which stands for Pre-Natal/First Trimester. If your client is in their first trimester, this is probably a lesson you would want them to take.

Under each code is a description of who should take the course. Some lessons are only good for specific clients (i.e. Smoking and Pregnancy or Going it Alone). Some lessons are good for all clients but only during certain times in their pregnancy (i.e. - The First Trimester, Getting Ready for Birth). Other lessons are good for any client at any point in their pregnancy or even afterward. These descriptions will help determine which lesson is best for the client’s specific situation. When used in conjunction with “Getting Acquainted” the best and most important lessons for each client can be chosen.