When you start parenting classes with your client, it is difficult to know their needs. These needs are based on many things but, the single most significant factor in their parenting skills is HOW THEY WERE PARENTED. If there was abuse, molestation, neglect, drugs, alcohol or significant dysfunction in the family, it colors the lens through which your client sees their world. If this is the case, all of the practical knowledge about diapering and feeding won’t impact the faulty foundation.

It is extremely beneficial to know vital information on your client’s upbringing before you start counseling or parenting classes. Used and tested extensively at Living Hope Women’s Center in Show Low, Arizona, the Getting Acquainted workbook is an incredible tool in assessing whether your client was abused emotionally, verbally, physically and/or sexually. It also gives you a clear understanding of the family dynamics and support system.

Getting Acquainted comes as six pages that can be downloaded here for your center’s use. You can change the form to make it uniquely your own. Also available is a one hour instructional audio CD (download below) that will help your center make the best use of the powerful tool.

After you have assessed your client’s situation and due date, use our personalized lesson plan. For example, if she smokes, you will want to give her the SMOKING lesson first. If she is single, include the Going It Alone lesson in her plan. When a client completes a lesson, enter the date in the proper column. At a glance, any client advocate knows what lessons have been completed and what lesson is next.

Download Getting Acquainted PDF Here
Download Spanish Getting Acquainted Word File Here
Download Getting Acquainted Audio 1 Here
Download Getting Acquainted Audio 2 Here