Businesspeople understand the principle of earning and paying for things in life.


Many businesses and civic clubs want to contribute to worthy causes.


Even though your Pro-Life work at your clinic is controversial, everybody supports teaching single moms to be better mothers and helping children.

When you consider these facts, you realize you can get the best in parenting curriculum without spending a penny. Let me give you an example. I wanted to purchase the series, Homes of Honor. With two clinics, I needed two series, which was very expensive. I found out who had authority over charitable donations at our local paper mill, Abitibi Mills. Within weeks, I had a check for $378.00 in hand to purchase the programs! It is that simple! Here’s how it works:

Think of all the businesses who would be receptive to your request. At the top of the list are people you have come in contact with in the past because they are familiar with you. The following are some ideas:


Fire Departments

Power Companies

Super Stores





Police Departments


Women’s Clubs


Rotary Clubs

Philanthropic Individuals

Car Dealerships

Knights of Columbus





Store Owners

Organizations that are comprised of people in the same profession, such as CANA, Contractors Association of North America, or Women in Real Estate.

Visit your Chamber of Commerce and ask them for a list of active service and professional organizations. They can also tell you which businesses are civic-minded and would be good contacts.

Check the community news section of your paper. They will list the service groups that are having events, raising money, having meetings, etc. They usually have contact names and phone numbers, which will give you a good place to start.

Call each place or organization and ask for the name of the person in charge of charitable giving. In the case of private businesses, doctors, dentists, etc., you would address it directly to them. You want your letter to go specifically to someone, not just a general address.

Match your request with the business. For example, the fire department would be very willing to underwrite a DVD on first aid. Sometimes it is best to break up your needs into approximately $100 increments. For instance, Module #1 has some DVDs for $24.95 and one for $79.00. One of your requests might be for the $79.00 DVD, another for two $24.95 DVDs and twenty booklets.

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