The “Earn” part of Earn While You Learn is the Mommy Money or Baby Bucks. When a client completes a lesson, turns in homework, or keeps appointments, they “Earn” $1 in baby bucks. These can then be “spent” in your mommy store that is stocked with supplies for both mother and child.

Why it works

By “paying” your clients you are encouraging them in many more ways than by what they are earning. Clients do get excited at the prospect of earning items for them and their baby - but they are also excited to be better parents. There is pride felt by a mom who knows they can do things right, and the EWYL program helps them to be a good mom. As you distribute the Mommy Money, you are affirming that they are being successful in both providing and preparing for their child.

Building Connections

Mommy Money can be given for many things. If you have supportive OB doctors in your area, they can give Mommy Money when your clients keep their appointments. Your local WIC office can give Mommy Money for classes taken in their curriculum. You may even give Mommy Money for clients who attend a Bible study! Having outside organizations help you distribute Mommy Money will bring important partners into your ministry. The EWYL program is a program that almost everyone can support. When you explain Mommy Money to potential partners, you are creating new donors and connections that will allow you to expand in the future. Don’t underestimate the general appeal of EWYL. Everyone wants to help those in need, and your program helps them with education and supplies!

The Basics

The best way to approach the reward system is to think “simple.” Every reward should be the same ($1 Baby Buck) and there only needs to be one denomination (you don’t want to have “Baby Nickels”). Your store should “charge” in increments of $1 and, if there are items less than a dollar, just have the client get something else that brings it up to the full amount or round up. The program should be simple for all involved.

Making Money

Heritage House offers the Baby Bucks in sheets of 12 for $25/100 sheets. The sheets can be put through almost any copier or printer to add your information. There is a template online that will help with the layout. Download Mommy Money Template - Please note: this template is only compatible with Heritage House Mommy Money. Each 8.5 x 14 sheet has 12 "Bucks" on it. You can put your information in the text boxes on the template and put the Mommy Money through any printer or copier to add your information. Order Mommy Money Sheets Here