EARN WHILE YOU LEARN is not like most curriculum. EWYL is a program designed specifically for the young mothers (and fathers) who will visit your clinic. This means that the curriculum is written in simple and easily understood language to give all clients the opportunity to learn and grow. It was specifically made to be easily administered without a large investment in training or supplies. Finally, the curriculum is filled with many opportunities to foster relationships between the client and facilitator. In other words, this curriculum is designed to be simple, effective, and powerful.

The EWYL curriculum is divided into packs covering large subjects like Pregnancy, Parenting, Toddlers, Fatherhood, etc. Each pack contains individual modules that are made up of 5 lessons each. Some packs have up to 11 modules (55 lessons) and some have as few as 2 modules (10 lessons).

The Lesson Blueprint

Each lesson starts with a facilitator instruction page that contains all the information an instructor would need to teach the lesson. It lists the resources that will be used in the lesson (DVD, pamphlet, etc.) and explains who the correct audience is for the subject matter. In this one page, the lesson facilitator has all the information needed to complete the lesson.

After the instruction page, the lesson begins. There are two types of lessons in the EWYL program. The first type are DVD lessons which are based on a professionally produced DVD. A reproducible worksheet for the client is included in each lesson and is filled out by the client while the DVD is playing. These simple worksheets emphasize important points of the presentation and reinforce the main concepts. A worksheet key is included for the facilitator to check the answers.

The second type of lesson is written information that should either be read together or by the client alone. In written lessons there are questions designed to help the client understand and apply the information. There are also questions meant to be reviewed with the facilitator that will help build relationships and give the clients a chance to think about what they are learning and how it applies in their own lives.

Lessons also include a reproducible homework sheet that will help the client apply the lesson in their own life. The homework sheet is normally open-ended, with questions to help the clients internalize the information. Some homework needs a small pamphlet to go home to help with the answers while others ask for a simple fun project. Homework will only take the client a few minutes, but it will help them remember the important information they learned for a lifetime.

The 5 Easy Steps of an EWYL Lesson

  • Facilitator reviews the personal lesson plan, decides next lesson.
  • Facilitator reads instruction page and copies lesson worksheets.
  • Client arrives, is greeted and starts on the lesson.
  • Facilitator reviews lesson and discussion questions.
  • Client takes homework home and returns it on their next visit!