Professional and Engaging

PRCs need content that is professional, engaging, medically sound, and results-tested in order to have the greatest impact possible. We know this, and this is why our Earn While You Learn curriculum is fully reviewed, tested, and documented. Each video is put through a five-step process to ensure you have the best curriculum available.


Researched and Documented

Each script is created using up-to-date, study-based research that is fully documented from reputable sources. The CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the FDA, and other medically reliable sources are used to provide sound medical information to your clients.

Physician Reviewed and Approved

The video scripts containing medical information are reviewed and approved by a physician to ensure that recommendations are presented accurately. You can have peace of mind that medical professionals have backed up the content you are providing.

PRC Directors

Our videos are created specifically with PRCs in mind, and that starts from the first concept of the video, through the outlining, writing, and reviewing processes, through to completion. PRC directors provide valuable insights for content with empathy and interest, and our Early Advisor Panel, made up of PRC directors, provides insight and feedback so that each video has the content your clients really want and need.

Millennial Audience Tested

An audience of young parents (average age of 22-25) watches each video to ensure that it will be relatable and engaging to your client. There is no better way to ensure this than to have clients watch them, and we post the results of these audience tests for our customers to see.

Results Based

We know EWYL works. We have heard the testimonies of thousands of changed lives over the years, as you likely have, too. Nevertheless, we conduct pre- and post-tests on each of our videos to ensure they produce results. Again, you will see this information posted alongside each DVD as it is completed.