Originally, EWYL was designed to simply meet the needs of clients in a loving and responsible manner. But centers who implemented the program started noticing an amazing benefit - their abortion minded client count went up! The girls in EWYL don’t just improve their lives, but they act as missionaries, letting others in their circle know about a place for help.

Through the years ministries have been continually working to help those in need with meaningful and productive instruction. The problem has always been two fold - how can they be reached, and, how can they be helped?

Earn While You Learn answered both these questions by ending the “give-away” paradigm. Looking to a goal of true life change, EWYL designed a system of loving, learning, and earning. Instead of giving away items, they earn them. EWYL provided an easy way to implement an educational hour for young women to be instructed, loved, and rewarded with Mommy Money. The results were amazing! Visits spiked, the community got involved, and the system grew.

If you are looking to increase your abortion vulnerable clients, EWYL is one of the best and most proven methods. While an outreach program based on public advertising is necessary and important, EWYL creates an environment in which your services are promoted between friends. The young women in your EWYL classes have circles of friends that include those who are the most abortion vulnerable. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, the newly expectant mother often discusses her situation with friends. When those friends are clients of your center, they naturally share their experiences. Most centers using EWYL see a dramatic increase in visits for instruction — and a significant increase in abortion-minded appointments.

Now EWYL is made up of dozens of modules to teach clients lessons from childbirth to finances. But, even better than that, WE have learned that EWYL brings even more benefits including:

  • Abortion Minded Visits
  • Community Involvement
  • Increased Donations
  • Increased Volunteer Base
  • Life-Long Impact

EWYL is a program that is up-to-date, effective, and perfect for every PRC. If you are ready to grow - implement the EWYL program in your center!

The best advertising is not print, radio, or television. The best advertising is a great testimony from a trusted friend.

This is true with Pregnancy Resource Centers. While public advertising is important, more important still are your previous clients reaching out and sharing with their circle of friends. When your clients tell others about their experience, they are reaching the audience that needs your help — they are reaching the abortion-vulnerable.

Within weeks of implementing EWYL, you’ll see a change as your referral numbers spike dramatically. You’ll be providing a vital service that will help ensure the generational cycle is broken while at the same time creating a small army of recruiters in the community for your pregnancy test services. Give it a try today — and see your numbers skyrocket!