May I share my story with you?

As a young woman, I found myself in a crisis situation. I was pregnant, homeless, alone, and scared. I had been dropped off at a battered women's shelter by sheriff deputies and I had nowhere else to go. I found myself looking in the phone book not quite knowing what I was looking for. I happened upon a number for abortion alternatives, and decided I should call them.

Strangers treated me better than my own family had ever treated me...They didn’t just save the life of my child, they also saved mine.
-Dawn Monahan EWYL Client, Heritage House Owner

What I found on the other end of the phone was a person who showed genuine compassion and concern for me. She gave me a time to come in and talk and share more of my story. I went to the appointment a little scared and not quite sure what to expect.

The women at the center simply listened and heard my fears and my story. She then helped me see my options and put my thoughts into words. Seeing the choices laid out in the open helped me make up my mind to parent. But it didn’t stop there.

They started me in counseling and parenting classes to help me with my decision. When I was no longer able to stay at the temporary shelter, the pregnancy center found me a place to live. When I realized that I was unable to parent in my situation they supported me in my choice to adopt. When the adoption didn’t go as planned after meeting the first family I had chosen, the counselors respected my decision and helped find the perfect family for my daughter.

The adoption was painful and difficult, but I was supported by many women who showered me with love and attention. They made me feel like I was still important and that I would always have a place to belong. After the adoption was complete, I remained in counseling and attended Bible studies where I learned what Christ had done for me. This was the greatest gift they had given me because only Christ can change the heart.

The women at the center took me under their wing, helped me find a job, a home, and a vehicle. Strangers treated me better than my own family had ever treated me because they believed sharing the love of Christ was the most important part of their ministry. Looking back on those days I remember them with sadness and regret, but also with joy. God used this Pregnancy Care Center and their many programs to reach my hardened heart. Years later, God has used my experience to minister to other young women facing crisis pregnancies.

Have you experienced a crisis pregnancy? Have you looked at your Pregnancy Care Center through the eyes of a young woman who is pregnant and needs help? I have. And I know, that without the supportive programs and people at the center, I would have never been reached.

They didn’t just save the life of my child, they also saved mine.

Dawn Monahan